The challenge of authenticity

To be truly authentic is to make your claim and follow through. To be able to follow through, you must apply, be, appear to be and been seen to be.

To make your claim you must know yourself, and see your vision, set your goals, and step towards them.

And yet, how many of us do not yet know who we are, or at least enough to make that first claim? Constantly, shifting, amending, adjusting, we cannot be absolute in our claim.

And we forget that within this impossible perfectionism is a forgiving side to authenticity. It is allowing us to be wrong, and admitting it. It's enhancing, softening of ourselves. It becomes part of being authentic, embracing honesty.

And it's what happens 'beneath', that is, in dark corners or computer files, moments of stress and panic, and split seconds when habits are formed or brushed away. THAT is where authenticity is decided.