When business isn't happy

Shit happens, if you'll pardon the expression. Deadlines loom, we fail, we get stuck. Things aren't mailed, or not on time, a signature is forgotten, the wrong version is sent, people get sick, people die. It's what happens next. It's the difference between moping, sulking, cursing, blaming, swearing and generally wasting time before the new person is awakened. There's a natural time of pain, of course - we react, we take stock, we wallow.

But we must look ahead.

There are moments like this, when business is momentarily unsettled, like indigestion, or a little rock of the boat. But there are also great stretches of difficulty, where every day is a fight, where the beast gets the better of you.

I don't believe this is to do with the size of the business. You may consider that it's more important in a small business, because there is no one else to pick up where you're not. But yet, in a larger business, one person's mistake, attitude, pain or belief can create a ripple effect and push its way into the most sturdy of relationships.

We need community, but we also need variety. A balanced view. People we don't work with. Support without conditions. Change, inspiration.

A day off. A new hobby. Changing your desk around. A fresh perspective. Hell, even a walk around the block.

Yet, if the circumstances of unhappiness have sculpted you into a different person altogether, don't settle for a new look - a coat of paint. Model from the inside. Look at your priorities again.

Reshape your life as if it were your own... because it is. Reshape your business to reflect who you are.

Don't be afraid of changing. Assess the risk, of course, but if you're becoming different, don't leave your business behind.

Try things. Remember, it's an investment if it pays off, and a successful experiment if it is not right.

Question, investigate, be upfront. Honesty does wonders for the soul.