Stepping out

The more we get good at something, the more comfortable we feel, the easier it is. If it's been an uphill struggle to get somewhere, enjoy the mountain view. But don't just sit there. I've recently been challenged by Marianne Cantwell, of Free Range Humans (check out her site here) who in a recent newsletter (subscribe for free on her website) describes how she is taking her love of travel to another level. Marianne has, in the time I've received her newsletters has gone on several trips abroad, working remotely in far flung places (San Fran, Bali, Laos, Cambodia) for months at a time. But she has always had her little bolthole in London to come back to.

Now, she has packed up, let her flat and has set off on another adventure, without the comfort blanket of having a base to come back to. Just thinking about that makes me begin the mental worry list. Her newsletter ends with a challenge to us all to take away our comfort blankets (whether they be a 9-5, a relationship, or a flat).

Ok, wait for my example which I'm warning you, is pathetically unworthy. But there is a smidgen of comparison so please forgive me.

I stepped out of my comfort zone to:

Bake a cake.

I know. I warned you. But I haven't baked a cake in a long time (and very rarely by hand - and today I have no choice but to make it by hand) and I would usually just chicken out and buy one.

In fact, it was a great chance to analyse what is going on in my head. Let's set the scene. I'm new in a job and still in the 'want to impress' stage. My team are lovely and probably would eat a cake which is inedible just so I didn't feel bad.Or make it up to me. But anyway there's something to lose. What else?

1. Pride - I want people to like me and what I do (and bake)

2. Performance - I need everything I do to be right first time.

3. Irritability - When I realised my super duper used-them-once scales had run out of battery.

4. Perfectionism - When the egg curdled (sigh) and I felt like giving up.

5. Impatience - When I committed the cardinal sin and OPENED THE OVEN door as I wanted to check how it was doing.

Whew, what a lot to work on! It gave me a buzz, and a desire to do better next time. Meanwhile, I Think it's edible, and I shall ship it tomorrow.