Coaching case study - Richard Lalchan

Richard Lalchan

Richard Lalchan

The challenge

Richard, a self-employed web designer, came to me for coaching because he actually wanted to DO something with the variety of creative ideas that he'd had in his head for over 10 years.

One of his ideas was to set up a network for creative people, like himself, to support each other and moving everyone further towards their goals. Other ideas included wanting to write a book and host a regular podcast.

So how did he choose and what did he do?

The coaching

When I coach, I don't go in with a plan. I sit and listen and ask questions. I challenge and provoke thoughts and stir up feelings and get you laughing. It's an adventure in itself and I show up with presence and openness.

Richard and I veered off on tangents and confronted fears. We highlighted those areas that were sticking points and navigated through them.

The result

Richard started Creatives Hub ( in late 2012, a network for those people who have creative pursuits, own creative businesses (or are thinking of starting one) or just have an idea they want to take action on.

Along with the network, he runs mini-hubs –small, accountability groups– membership of which includes monthly meetings with the same group of people to support each other, generate new ideas, share knowledge and provide encouragement to take action on your individual projects. It also gives you free entry to the quarterly Creatives Hub Live! events.

Richard ALSO set up two podcasts (and invited me to be his co-host for one of them in 2013) for Creatives Hub, has now set up a third and has got the second draft of his science fiction novella underway (

This is what he thought:

"Claire helped my get over my fears and start something I had been thinking about for over a decade. Through three initial coaching sessions (and plenty of emails beforehand to get her the info she needed) she helped me sift through a whole host of disparate ideas to make a cohesive whole. She got me questioning what I really wanted and not what I thought I wanted, or for that matter, what I though other people wanted from me.

Everything was up for grabs. I didn't just have to settle with what I had been doing but could think big and dream. She then helped me via processes like 'backwards flow charts' to break down these dreams and ideas into smaller more manageable chunks.

Through Claire's coaching, I have now setup Creatives Hub, a community for creatives to inspire, encourage and motivate one another. I have set up a podcast, delivered a talk to University students and have long term plans to develop Creatives Hub further.

I can't thank Claire enough for the confidence she has enabled me to find and the way in which she makes me see the tasks that I might be fearful about in a positive way.

Claire is an exceptional coach, and one whom I can't recommend highly enough."

Richard Lalchan

RML Web & Graphic Design

Creatives Hub


Note from Claire:

I liked Richard’s idea so much that I became a mini-hub member myself! I can personally attest to group accountability as a wonderful support system. I also accepted Richard's kind invitation to co-host with him the Creatives Hub podcast Hatch (during 2013) and occasionally write blogs for the Creatives Hub network. Take a look at the website here.