It’s not enough to live a life of mediocrity.

To do work that doesn’t stir your soul. That doesn't really mean anything.

It's painful to have an dream buzzing around inside of you, unrealised. That year after year you feel slipping further and further away from actually happening. 

It's frustrating to want to share so much more of who you are but have no place to do so. And in the meantime, feeling less and less like 'you'.

It's pulling you down, every single day.

What will you feel if you don't 'get around to it?' 

If, in 6 months time, you click on another link that takes you to a page like this and you read the same thing - again. 

I've been there. Doing the clicking thing. And the realising thing. And the disappointment thing.

And then the pain got so bad I had to do something about it.

Doing something is an act of courage and it’s an act of love for the very essence of your being: that person inside you whose passion is flattened every day by bad coffee, mundane conversation and the tedium of working within job description that's preventing you using all of your talents. 

I work with men and women with secret dreams of escaping corporate life.

Who know they have so much inside of them to give, but feel like they are wasting themselves, doing what they do.

Who want to fulfil their desire to travel, do meaningful and purposeful work and have flexibility and freedom in what they do.

Who just want to feel better.

I help them uncover their fears and what's stopping them taking action.

I help them get clear on where they want to be so they can get on with it.

I help accelerate the process of change towards joy.

Are you here? 

It's incredibly frustrating feeling stuck in a job, not knowing where to go next, not being able to work out what you actually want and wondering what's the best option to take.

You long to see more of the world and have freedom in the way you work.

You sit wonder whether it would be better to take a lower paid position in a different, less stressful industry. Or sit it out until you've saved enough money.

You think about taking time off but wonder what everyone will think.

You ask yourself what you'll do if you choose the 'wrong' thing.

What you're missing is clarity.

I spent 5 years changing careers like this. 

I moved from a graduate career job in tax, to working for an artist, an MP and latterly in corporate marketing.

I was searching for a fulfilling job that would suit my personality and skills, as well as satisfy my desire to travel and live abroad.

Yet, I faced a crisis point when I realised that even the job that had started out as wonderful, was rapidly becoming a nightmare.

It wasn't until I got clear on the life that I REALLY wanted when I found I had the motivation and confidence to go part time,  then subsequently leave, my job and move to the beautiful country of Italy and work for myself.

I want to help you make the same change in your life, to get really clear on what you want and find the courage you need to go after it, knowing that it's totally right for you

Crazy-sounding dreams require specialist support. 

As high-achieving women we are used to being totally self-sufficient, carving up to-do lists in short weekends, managing ourselves and several others, juggling deadlines and period pain. 

But answering the call of your soul is not somewhere we've been. 

I thought I could do everything on my own, I just needed to get over myself and on with it.

As my own journey has unfolded, I've realised how much giving and receiving support is deepening and strengthening my growth and bringing even more joy into my life. 

But where will we go?

What we'll do

We'll swim through the waters of change together.

We'll navigate dusty roads and clunky emails.

We'll put together action lists and peel back emotions. 

You may have a grand plan already, you may just have an idea.

Your desire is authenticity and I wouldn't be in integrity if I didn't honour that. 

Together, we will:

  • Get really really clear on the biggest, most abundant and authentic version what you really want - your lifestyle and work - so you’re taking the straight path rather than a meandering one!
  • Give yourself permission to actually do things, so you shine, every single day
  • Untangle the beliefs you hold which are confusing you so you can move forward with confidence
  • Navigate out of stuck so you’re not wasting time going round in circles and to accelerate your growth
  • Reinvigorate your pezzazity (not a real word)
  • See why you’re not taking action and what you can do instead 

By the end of our sessions you will: 

  • Have the practical next steps so you know what to do next
  • Have your core strength to sustain you through the challenging times
  • Be clear on how to step up to the next level
  • Know what to do now and what to leave for later - so you don’t get in a muddle
  • Know how to manage fear and doubts - on an ongoing basis so as it comes up you can recognise it for what it is. 

We talk via Skype so you're able to access my dedicated, individual and focused support wherever you happen to be in the world.

I base my coaching on the principles of Know, Grow, Give. It isn’t a 'steps to success' or formula, it’s a way to orient your beliefs, that once you know who you are and you commit to growth, your desire to give will take you wherever you want to be