Reinvigorate your business and start enjoying being CEO or boss babe

When we start our businesses, the energy and enthusiasm of what we’re doing carries us along. We have good intentions about how we want our business to run. 


And then we hit a few challenges. Clients, marketing, feedback, the actual work - how do we stay on track and expand AND bring enough back home to make sure we’re actually living the life we want? 

I created Essence for business owners in Britain, who have a passion for excellence, a commitment to their customers and a desire for a lifestyle that is outside the normal 9-5. 

Coaching provides a structure for accountability for your business goals. It gives you a dedicated space to think out loud and play with ideas. And it allows you to keep refocusing on why exactly you started the business in the first place. Ultimately it’s a relationship - both between you and yourself and you and me, as co-creators of your personal and professional vision and missions through your business. 

My desire and aim is to help you learn how to be able to see possibility, whatever challenges your business activities throw at you. It is my own vision to see British business transformed, to see our values of technical excellence, wild creativity, deep commitment and gentle courage infused again into our country and provide us (both ourselves and our customers with a sustainable future).

The programme is called Essence because that’s what everything starts from: your essence, what you do well and why you do what you do. It’s easy to get distracted from that core truth and my support will help you distinguish your own self from what you’re supposed to do, what you’re overwhelmed with, what’s stopping you reaching your goals and the reasons you’re not where you want to be.  

I’m excited to support you in creating a new way of doing business: leading from your special essence, for a better lifestyle and wellbeing and increased business success. 

“Before I kept talking myself out of things saying they weren’t realistic, they were self indulgent ie a waste of time.

Things have changed now - specifically about transformation the fog/load I had before and I felt lighter and brighter. I was motivated/inspired to dream big and by putting those thoughts onto paper my creativity and energy was given a reboot!

Even with working long hours currently I am able to bounce back more quickly and focus on what I need to do on my day off - happily and energetically - yippee.

I liked your confident, straightforward and honest manner....once you explained a little bit more in detail I thought this could be the catalyst I need to get out of my funk.

I would absolutely recommend your services - to all and anyone who gives me the slightest indication that they are stuck in a rut. I will happily pass along my strongest recommendations of your professional, caring and heartfelt capabilities. A massive thank you for your truly generous, caring and capable nature. May all those in need have the good fortune to connect with you.
— Caroline, Italy

How can you know if this is right for you?

It's best if we chat through where you are on the phone. But take a look at the below in the meantime and see whether it sounds familiar. 

You’re glad you have a business but there are a few irritating problems that are really stopping you really taking off: cashflow, clients who don’t play ball (and who you’re tempted to get annoyed with) and a sales and marketing process that feels stuck, difficult and not as productive as you would like.

You need someone to talk business with - who is outside of your friends, colleagues and industry partners - someone to bounce ideas off, who has business experience and a deeper perspective, who’s outside the industry and who can help you see what you can’t.

You want help figuring out how to increase your revenue, develop a stronger growth mindset and set you on a path to consistent income generation in a way that feels healthy and easy.

You want the business to feel healthy and profitable (whatever stage you’re at) - with the numbers to prove it.

You want to know exactly how and where to market your services and create easy relationships with the clients that you love working with.

You want to feel as though you’re doing exactly what you set out to do, and feeling good about your business in the meantime. 

And most of all you want your business to support you in how you want to live.

Take a look at some of the key challenges my clients face:

  • Chasing payments or feeling lacking around finances in some areas
  • Finding it difficult to connect with your ‘ideal’ clients or customers

  • Working with clients who are uncommitted, bad payers or challenging to work with

  • Struggling with knowing how best to market 
  • Feeling as though there is something 'off' with your sales process

  • Feeling alone in your business and wishing there was someone you could 'think aloud' to.

Claire Meredith is an absolutely magnificent coach. As someone who was going through quite transition period after quitting my job and committing to starting my own business, Claire helped me truly embrace my own path. She helped me realize how much I was allowing a comparison to other people get in the way of confronting fears, desires, and being my true authentic self.

Whereby having me focus on embracing my inner confidence and courage, I was able to fully acknowledge and embrace MY story. She also challenged me to question what comparing myself to others was giving me, which is when I realized it was actually costing me. Claire pushes the envelope by asking questions in a most authentic, sincere yet powerful way.

If you are someone who is searching for your own path and constantly allows your fears to get in the way of you accomplishing your goals, I highly recommend you reach out to Claire! She will have you feeling inspired, ignited, and back to your true being in no time at all. You will not regret hiring her as your coach!
— Ali Boone, US

How I can help you

  • Re-focus your priorities so your business is supporting you and your desired lifestyle and not taking over your life.

  • Get clarity on who you’re here to serve, how and why so you can target the individuals or companies that you love to work with 

  • Help you discover why the 'nightmare' clients are showing up so you can adjust and align your practices, systems and structures so you're more efficient (and therefore more profitable)

  • Know exactly where and how to market your services so you're investing in the right channels

  • Uncover your 'essence' to bring focus to your sales process, so you're connecting with your leads in a way that suits you and your way of being and doing things

  • Creating a marketing approach that reflects your values and vision and suits your skills and talents

What kind of results can I get?

That depends on you. Key outcomes and results from coaching are clarity, confidence and the ability to immediately move into 'right' action. It feels like a magical process, but it's really just bringing out the best of you and your essence to shine through your business. You know how to do the rest!

Claire has boundless optimism for us all to reach our true potentials, and sees beyond the typical fears and worries that can present a barrier between us reaching our goals. Claire helped me to challenge my own self doubts and consider a future to which I previously felt unworthy. By encouraging me to dig deeply into my own beliefs and desires, she helped me to see that reaching my goals is possible if I know exactly what I want and can see myself there.

Since meeting with Claire, I went from undercharging for my services as a Self-Employed Therapist, to taking on the business I worked in! This was in the space of just a few months. I highly recommend Claire as a fearless catalyst in challenging your outlook on life, and ultimately gaining the life that you honestly dream of. I am very grateful for her boldness to challenge my previous beliefs that were holding me back, and to envision a new life for myself more akin to my goals and aspirations. I am already on the path towards having my own business and succeeding with thanks to Claire’s method and advice.
— Emily, Exeter