What is a coach?

A personal coach or life coach is an individual who provides dedicated to supporting you achieve the dreams, goals and ideas you have for your life. A coach does not offer counselling or provide therapy or a medical service.

Above all, coaching is a professional relationship and relationships take time to build. I write to my community every week in order to keep developing and deepening that relationship. If you'd like to sign up (for free) please click here (and receive my manifesto as a gift)

It seems like a lot of money to talk to someone. Why would I want to invest in coaching?

Coaching is an investment in yourself and your future. 

In my first job in a professional services firm, I remember one of the Directors talking about the dress code that was expected of us. He urged us to 'invest in ourselves' by buying a good quality suit. I was curious at the time, but came to realise several years afterwards the wisdom and insight he was imparting.

From my experience, every time I've invested in myself in line with my values (particularly when it's been a bit scary!) I am always astonished by the return. A good investment will return. We just have trouble believing WE are a good investment.

Do I have to pay upfront?

Yes, I require the GBP amount in total upfront.   

How much can I really achieve over the sessions?

Looking back over my own journey, and in particular, working with coaches, I've come to know that the biggest limitation was my own thinking. The more I committed to what I was doing, the more I achieved. The more I wanted to change, the stronger my vision and the more I learnt how to walk through fear, the more progress I saw.

Take a look at what one of my clients did by reading his case study: Richard

Do you have any qualifications?

Yes. I have an upper second class batchelors degree in Law (LLB) from Cardiff University and two post-graduate qualifications.

For my coaching practice, I've chosen not to study for a specific qualification for now.


My coaching is based on my own experience over the last 6 years. I don't want to give you theories that I've only read about or been told about without trying it for myself. I will only share the tools, techniques and lessons that have been successful in my life (and the mistakes I've learned from!)

My coaching is led by you and I approach this intuitively. I don't have an agenda or 'steps to success' for you to follow. Your life is yours, a good coach should reflect back to you your own direction, purpose and ambition.

Rather than sign up for a one off course to 'complete', I choose to prioritise learning as part of my lifestyle, through support from relationships with other women entrepreneurs in the industry, regular investment in my own personal and business coaching and daily, weekly and monthly practices to increase my knowledge and ensure ongoing personal growth.

I'm deeply committed to serving our (yours and mine!) best interests for our lives, living adventurously, sustainably and with radiance.

So, will you take the first step?