How does the coaching relationship work?

Initially, we will have a consultation. This will be a phone call (approximately 30 minutes) where you and I will discuss what you want to change or achieve, what’s stopping you achieving it or getting there, and whether we see this partnership as a good fit. We’ll talk about what level of support you want and how we will work together. This is a complimentary call, with no obligation.

Once we have the coaching relationship in place, we’ll start by setting your goals. We’ll identify your top priorities and begin to plan the actions to take as well as addressing the challenges and fears that come up. Before each call, I’ll ask you to ‘catch me up’ to where you are with your goals. In between calls, you’ll have access to me by email or text.

Who do you work with?

I work with professional men and women who are committed to changing in order to create the lifestyle, business or work and relationships that they desire. These individuals are committed to being open to their own wisdom and taking action in service of creating a new experience for themselves.

How do you help?

This is one of the ‘most asked’ questions in coaching.

Firstly, I help by using tools and techniques to support you to get clarity and feel confident in acting on your desired experiences, goals and feelings through our conversation. The coaching call is an opportunity for transformation in thinking, and subsequently, feeling, action taking and attitude or approach. Due to my background and experience, I can create a deep and safe space, if you would need and want that level of support.

The tools and techniques and skills I use are varied and include:

  • Open and closed questioning

  • Intuitive questioning

  • Direct communication

  • Reasoning and logic

  • Planning and reverse goal engineering

  • Body connection practices and exercises

  • Thinking exercises and mindset work

Secondly, it is my belief that we all know what we want deep down, but society, limiting beliefs, past experiences and fear keep that buried. My job as coach is to provoke thought, offer another perspective, prompt clarity and provide accountability for you to be able to create the experience you desire.

It seems like a lot of money just to talk to someone. Why would I want to invest in coaching?

Coaching is a partnership which creates the structure, support and accountability that you may need or want to achieve your goals. You don’t ‘need’ a coach, but if you procrastinate, aren’t good at holding yourself accountable, or want to accelerate your growth, in my experience, coaching can be a hugely beneficial partnership.

Coaching was the sweet spot for me when I needed someone to hold me accountable to what I say I'd do, stand for my dreams when I doubted myself and was an objective, supportive presence when I didn't feel as though my friends and family would 'get' what I was trying to do. I continue to invest in coaching, learning and personal development in order to develop my life and business and step up to the next level of growth.

Every time I've invested in myself in line with my values, (particularly when it's been scary or a ‘stretch’!) I am always astonished by the return. A good investment will return. We sometimes just have trouble believing WE are a good investment. ;-)

Do I have to pay upfront?

Yes, I ask for the GBP amount upfront, per month where a monthly package applies.

How much can I really achieve?

My clients’ achievements depend on their level of commitment, their willingness to do the work and their openness to trying on new practices and ways of being.

Looking back over my own journey, and in particular, working with coaches, I've come to know that the biggest limitation was my own thinking. The more I committed to what I was doing, the more I achieved. The more I wanted to change, the stronger my vision and the more I learnt how to walk through fear, the more progress I saw.

In our first session, we'll outline what you want to achieve over the course of us working together. Don’t hold back!

Do you have any qualifications?

Yes. I have an upper second class bachelors degree in Law (LLB) from Cardiff University. During my years in employment, I have also gained a tax qualification (ATT) and teaching certificate (TEFL).

I am certified as a coach and have recently been a leader with Inner Glow Circle. My coaching is based on the tools and techniques I've been trained in and my own experience over the last 10 years of personal development and growth. I will choose and share resources you, alongside the practices we develop together and, where appropriate, share from my own experience.

My coaching is led by your goals and I approach this both logically and intuitively. I don't have an agenda or 'steps to success' for you to follow. Your life is yours, a good coach should reflect back to you your own direction, purpose and ambition.

I choose to prioritise learning as part of my lifestyle, through support from relationships with other women entrepreneurs in the industry, regular investment in my own personal and business coaching and daily, weekly and monthly practices to increase my knowledge and ensure ongoing personal growth.

I'm deeply committed to serving our (yours and mine!) biggest visions: living adventurously, sustainably and with radiance.

Please visit the home page to contact me for an informal chat about your goals and whether coaching might be a good next step.