Coaching with Feng Shui (single session)

Feng Shui is the ancient Eastern art of placement. We can utilise Feng Shui principles to identify and transform specific areas in your life where we're facing a block or we can't see a way through, or to enhance and optimise our space to best support us in our life and work. 

Using the principles of Feng Shui, combined with gentle coaching, we will look at what changes you can implement in your home as well as the inner work within yourself so you can move forward with confidence. We'll work with what you have in the space you're currently in, so no need for complete redecoration or a house move! You'll be able to start seeing your space through 'new eyes' for new possibilities and you'll feel energised, confident and motivated so you can start taking action straight away. 

What's included:

  • 60 minute bespoke 1-1 coaching session for 1 key area (by phone)

  • 'Introduction to Feng Shui' guide for reference

  • 2 week post-implementation email support.

What you'll receive:

  • Bespoke personal coaching around your key area so you can see what's holding you back

  • Personalised feng shui remedies for you to put into practice after our session

  • Confidence in working with your space to support you in a way that feels good for you

  • Tips and suggestions for instant and easy fixes to create a more uplifting environment that supports you to be your best.

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"I was feeling a little bit restricted in my options of arranging my home and not sure if I would be able to utilize feng shui much in my space so I was excited to get on the phone with Claire and find out what options I had. Not only did Claire take the time to examine and explore every room with me over video chat like she was right there in my house with me, but she was able to quickly hone in on easy little shifts I could do to manifest the specific things I was most focused on. After our call, I realized that most of my wealth corners had a drain, so I quickly put a plug in them all and counteracted the drain with a bit of citrine next to each one. In the days following our call and this simple adjustment in my home, I attracted 3 new clients and they were all ideal to my business and work. Thanks, Claire! I already have a Saturday penciled off to do some more shifting around the house and I'm excited to see what it creates." 

Kelly Curtis