Style. Purpose. Divinity. 

I help British men and women connect with their inner leader and divine intuition to support them in living their purpose - to feel creatively fabulous, abundantly free and deliciously fulfilled. 

My name is Claire and I believe we are all destined for Greatness.

When great people have faith in themselves, we can create the kind of Britain - and world -  we love to live in. 


Sometimes, I know, the world doesn't feel very great.

Yet we know we are called to lead organisations and movements - creating lives, work and legacies which make our cities and communities and countries places which are happier, more sustainable and free. 

To do this, we must learn to lead ourselves. 

I lost my faith many years ago, when circumstances at church left me shocked and confused.

I felt isolated, bewildered and terribly alone. My confidence was shattered, my certainty vanished and my world view and belief system fell away. I had no faith in myself, or anyone else.

Yet, something greater was beginning inside of me.

A deep desire to serve and step into the most magnificent version of myself had been stirred and I had been thrown into the path of that purpose. It took courage to choose this way but I found the divine in me to create the life experience I really wanted and walk with beautiful soul-led people along the way. 

Will you join us? 

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