The Laws of the Universe: 12 week self-study online course

You're interested in spirituality (even if you're not ready to declare that to the world). But you don't feel as though you really 'know' much. 

You're not really the church-going type and most of the world's religions seems complicated (who has time to read the whole Bible?), demanding (I don't want to pray 5 times per day) and a bit clique-like (I don't want to tell my friends they're wrong). 

Yet you feel as though there is something more - bigger, more pure and it's somehow connected to you. 

You'd like to hear someone talk about it without anyone 'watching', you don't want to make a huge commitment and you don't want to invest in working with a 1-1 coach or have to go to a draughty church hall. 

You just want to be able to think about what you've heard, ponder on each subject and maybe scribble down some thoughts each week, without judgement or even any participation.


You're not 'woo-woo' (or you are but the logical part of you needs satisfying). 

You quite like the yoga teacher's bits of wisdom at the beginning of the class, but need some structure, more knowledge and how to make it work for you in the rest of your life. 

And you want to learn. Discover. Explore. Without having to be sat in a group and talk about it like a group therapy session. 

You like practical, real life, helpful information and insight for your spirituality: your most intimate connection with yourself, the universe and everything. 

You ask yourself questions like:

  • How does life work for some people and not for others?

  • Does my intention have anything to do with anything?

  • How can I make life happen for myself like I want to, with meaning and purpose and love, without becoming religious or working one to one with a guru?

You're looking for spirituality which helps you with real life in 21st century Britain. Not a cult. Not a set of religious rules. You're wanting to connect more deeply, positively and happily with the world around you and you don't want to sing, chant or say 'the peace'.

You're in the right place. 

What is this course about? 

This 12 week online course will introduce you Universal Laws, what they are and how they work.

The course is structured on the book  'Working with the Law' by Raymond Holliwell and we'll cover the key principles and application of each law with real life, every day, simple examples and experience from Claire. 

Universal Law is based on the belief that we are all divine, the world works in a very specific way, and we can create satisfying, aligned and fulfilling lives for ourselves once we know, understand and can apply these laws. 

This is for you if:

  • You're curious about spirituality but aren't really into 'woo woo' (or want to know the structure behind it)
  • You want to explore spiritual ideas in an easy and safe way, from the comfort of your own home
  • You know or have heard about Universal law but don't know much about it
  • You want practical ideas and concepts that translate spiritual truths into every day life
  • You desire your spirituality to be relevant and helpful for your life in the globalised world
  • You want a non-intrusive opportunity to discover, reflect and digest on teachings of how life works
  • You want a combination of theoretical teaching and examples of practical application
  • You want to participate in a class without having to interact with everyone else (but with the opportunity to ask questions if you want)
  • You want to learn new ideas without committing yourself to a particular viewpoint, approach or set of values. 

This is NOT for you if:

  • You want one to one support in putting spiritual truths and ideas into practice and individual attention on your particular issues (See here on how to work with me privately)
  • You aren't open to hearing about or thinking about spirituality, life, and how the world works
  • You're aren't open to a new idea about your life or self as a spiritual being
  • You don't want to take responsibility for your life
  • You belong to a particular faith or religion and are 100% committed to that particular path, no question. 

How is it taught?

This is a self-study course with core content and explanation from Claire through a combination of modular audio teaching and single page worksheets. It's designed for complete beginners, or those with some knowledge of universal laws and can be studied at a pace that suits you. 

There are 12 modules plus a bonus introductory module (crucial!) and each module comprises one audio file and one worksheet. The course is fully downloadable with access via password protected webpage, with links to each module's worksheet and audio recording. Each audio lasts 45-60 minutes and is delivered in an informal style, with practical examples, real life experience to understand the teaching.

What does the course cover?

BONUS! Week 0: Introducing the Laws
What is universal law and how can it help us navigate, experience and enjoy life better? Can we trust the laws? Why doesn't everyone know about this?

We'll look at what needs to shift within us to start putting universal laws into practice, what power we have with the laws and the key principles of the laws to keep in mind over the next 12 weeks. This is an essential BONUS module to set the scene prior to our study together of each individual law.  

Week 1: The Law of Thinking

What does our thinking have to do with spirituality? What is your ruling mental state? What impact does our thinking have on our life? How can we account for the ills, pain and poverty in the world? What can we do with our thinking to change that?

We'll look at what's important about the mind, and what's needed to support the power of the mind and introducing how desire fits into our thinking patterns. 

Week 2: The Law of Supply

Will we ever be satisfied in life? Is it even possible? Is there enough for everyone? If we step out for a dream, how do we know we can trust the laws of the universe to help us? 

We'll look at our right to have a free and happy life, how we can change the experience we have to connect more deeply with ourselves and our lives and create whatever we want. 

Week 3: The Law of Attraction

How can we attract great experiences, people, things and events into our life? Is it a mystical occurrence that only happens when 'God' is happy with us? Can we achieve harmony, satisfaction and plenty in our lifetime, without compromising ourselves?

We'll look at what conditions need to be in place to utilise the law of attraction, why following what you're interested in can help harness the power of this law and why organisation is a key part of putting the Law of Attraction to work. 

Week 4: The Law of Receiving

How easy do you find it to give and receive? What does 'flow' have to do with receiving? How does organised giving create a better experience for us? 

We'll talk about whether we can ask too much of this law, what the limits of giving mean and how to create more gifts to receive in your life. 

Week 5: The Law of Increase

What is the impression of increase? Isn't that also known as pretending? How easy is it to give our power away to other people?

We'll learn how to talk to ourselves to create increase, what to focus on to put this law into practice and the importance of using this law to create a deeply spiritual and aligned life. 

Week 6: The Law of Compensation

Are you living in alignment with your deepest Soul desires? What do you dream of? What is happiness for you? 

In this module, we'll look at how people make mistakes with these laws, and how we can approach the laws to use them to help us. We'll look at all areas of our lives including our homes and the role that pain plays in the application of these laws. 

Week 7: The Law of non-resistance

Why is resistance to anything the worst approach we can take? What's the difference between anti-war and pro-peace? How do we practice non-resistance and why does that not end up with us feeling like we've settled for less than our best?

We'll talk about the importance of NOW in any desire to improve your life or situation, how we can discern between lack and prosperity and the key principles for bringing abundance into our lives. 

Week 8: The Law of Forgiveness

How is the mind and body connected? What is the significance of forgiveness? What harm can unforgiveness do us? 

We'll look at why we aren't able to easily put these laws into practice because of our pain, what we can do about it and how we can receive more joy through prioritising forgiveness. 

Week 9: The Law of Exchange

Why do some people have everything they want and not others? What will happen to them? Do we need ambition? 

We'll study how successful, happy and joyful lives come about not by accident but by application of the laws - conscious choosing of the moments we experience. We'll discuss what happens when you choose something else and the power in that choice. 


Week 10: The Law of Obedience

How important is our choice? Is 'God' able to override our choices? What does our Soul have to do with it? Is there such a thing as 'heaven on earth?'

We'll talk about how crucial knowing these laws is if you want to understand how life works, how to utilise principles to reach harmony, plenty and happiness.

Week 11: The Law of Success

What's the point of life anyway? What is really possible? What's our purpose? What about fear?

We'll look at how we can create infinite possibilities, what we can do about fear and how study and application of these laws, combined with an understanding of the role of pain and planning are effective for success. 

Week 12: Summary

A look back at all the laws we've been discussing over the last 11 weeks, decide which is our favourite and which ones we struggle with the most! A summary of all we've covered and an extended Q&A session. 


What you'll receive

- A clear understanding of the structure of the spiritual laws which make life work
- Practical examples of how to use each law, 'dos and 'dont's' and real life experience of the laws in action
- Confidence in applying the laws across all areas of your life
- Opportunities to ask questions about how to use the law in your own life and specific situations
- How pain fits into that structure and how to work with the laws to promote healing
- Clarity in determining what steps you need to take to have the experience you desire (to make more money, create more time, create a life that you love and which supports you)
- Why people don't make these laws work for them (what 'not' to do!)
- Suggestions for further resources to dig deeper

What's the investment?

This fully downloadable (which means lifetime access!)

12 week (plus bonus week)

 self-study online course 



Claire Meredith

ABOUT YOUR HOST: Claire Meredith

In 2008, Claire left the Christian church, feeling confused and betrayed by the faith she'd had since she was a child. Although she loved the tenets that are taught by Christianity - love, joy, peace, forgiveness, compassion, what she'd experienced seemed incongruous. She spent many years in limbo,  without faith and a clear career direction, moving from job to job and industry to industry. In 2013, she left her job to follow her dream of moving to Italy and start living a life that felt aligned her own truth. Whilst stepping out in service of her career and lifestyle, she uncovered her faith again within a new spiritual perspective. 

Claire supports individuals and businesses in creating and growing their best lives as a speaker, writer and coach. She lives in the UK.