What's the BIG DEAL about meditation? 

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I'll be sharing how to start a meditation practice, what it takes to keep it going and how it's helped me on my journey from my corporate job in London to the magic and beauty of Italy. 

What we'll cover:

  • What IS meditation and what do I actually have to DO?
  • The reasons you're not meditating (and how to get round that)
  • Why it's been my most important practice in creating a life of joy and creative adventure
  • How you can start creating your daily practice and see the changes in every area of your life

Your host: Claire Meredith

Claire didn't understand the hype about meditation either! Yet when she reached a point of burnout from her corporate job and on advice from her personal coach, she decided to give it a try. Now she credits her inner strength, better decision making and increasing vitality to this practice which she has developed over the last two years. This free webinar will draw on her personal experience of moving from scepticism to establishing her own daily meditation. Claire lives in Italy, where she runs a coaching business helping British professionals create their dream lives of freedom and adventure.