1:1 coaching

Bespoke personal and professional coaching for men and women

2018 - 2019 PACKAGES 



A ‘deep dive’ coaching support container for high-achievers.

You've dreamed of living differently, relishing your work and lifestyle, creating a high impact on the people, places and environment that you care about. You're committed to creating a sustainable and exciting business (or legacy work) that really speaks to your Soul and has a life-changing effect on people's lives.

You're an action taker and deeply committed. You settle for no less than the best. You're ready to jump in with both feet. 

You're struggling to get clear though, and you're frustrated by trying to do it all yourself with no real results. Perhaps you have some community or group support, but you know you want individualised, tailored and focused attention, so you can really shine. You suspect there may be an emotional issue at the heart of why things aren't working as they should be, and you're ready to move through that and leap into your new reality. 

This package allows very exclusive access to me, including a solid container of call time, my personal phone number for text support between sessions, and access to my courses and resources at no extra charge. 

I have limited spaces for committed men and women who are ready to invest in accelerating their growth and realising their potential. 



Practical and affordable business support for small business owners

You’re enjoying running your business but there are a few irritating problems that are really stopping you really take off: cashflow, clients who don’t play ball (and who you’re tempted to get annoyed with) and a sales and marketing process that feels stuck, difficult and not as productive as you would like.

You need someone to talk business with - who is outside of your friends, colleagues and industry partners - someone to bounce ideas off, who has business experience and a deeper perspective, who’s on your side and can help you see what you can’t. You need the space to tap into what you really want to achieve with your business, to make it work for you AND your customers. 

This package is ideal for lifestyle entrepreneurs who have made the leap but are struggling to steer the ship. Your focus is off and you're frustrated by being in your business too much, instead of being able to enjoy the support a business brings. This package provides a highly focused strategy session (in person) plus follow up support by phone. In person sessions are held in Exeter or virtually, if required. 

Not ready to say Yes yet? Book a complimentary appointment with me to connect and talk more. 

Bespoke personal and professional coaching for high achievers

Courses and products


Professional priestess - Self-study and group coaching (COMING SOON)

You’re a spiritual woman who is concerned about the state of humanity (maybe you were a church goer or you are more on the ‘woo’ side)

Your intention is to use your gift more widely for a bigger impact. It might be a gift of healing, a spiritual gift of wisdom, a message you want to share, an organisation you want to start. You feel like you could be doing more with this gift, but you don’t know how to get started or take it to the next level. 

You’re curious about how to start professionalising your gift: charging money, starting a business or using them in a more professional capacity ( for example, a career situation). You want to get serious about how you’re doing it so you can support yourself financially. 

Professional priestess is a monthly group coaching with self-study element for spiritual women to professionalise their spiritual gifts. You'll be in a small group of other women to connect with and also have access to me for additional 1:1 coaching at a discounted rate (optional).

Laws of the Universe - 12 week self study course

Self-study course through a combination of modular audio teaching and single page worksheets. It's designed for complete beginners, or those with some knowledge of universal laws and can be studied at a pace that suits you. 

There are 12 modules plus a bonus introductory module (crucial!) and each module comprises one audio file and one worksheet. The course is fully downloadable with access via password protected webpage, with links to each module's worksheet and audio recording. Each audio lasts 45-60 minutes and is delivered in an informal style, with practical examples, real life experience to understand the teaching.

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Prefer to start with a smaller investment? 

Take a look at one of my mini-packages (1:1)


Introduction to Coaching Mini-package  - £200

This mini-package is the perfect solution for kick-starting your next level of growth without making a large investment. Whether this is getting clarity on your new direction or next steps, helping you move through what's stopping you take action, refocusing after a challenging time or a new energy in tackling whatever is in front of you, we will get you out of 'stuck' and into action. This package can also be a gentle introduction to coaching for you if you're not used to investing in yourself in this way. 

What's included:

  • A pre-session review packet and support in formulating your coaching request
  • 60 minute 1-1 session by phone around your coaching request 
  • 3 tasks for you to take action on
  • plus a complimentary follow up call (15 mins) for accountability and next steps

£200 for the mini-package


Introduction to Feng-Shui (Mini-package)  - £180

You find yourself 'in your head' all the time. You're easily in touch with the spiritual realm but struggle with keeping your home in order. You wonder if feng shui could help you - but you don't really know where to start. 

My Introduction to Feng Shui mini-package is part training and part coaching, designed to introduce you to the basics of the art of feng shui - for practical, every day living. As well as full 1-1 bespoke session based on your specific area, room or home, you'll receive my introductory e-guide and 2 weeks email support while you implement your changes. This package is perfect for women running spiritual businesses: for example healers, coaches and spiritual intuitives who want to develop a supportive practice that can shift problems in distinct areas of their life (wealth, relationships, career or health for example). 

What's included:

  • Pre-session house/apartment review and questionnaire 
  • 'Introduction to Feng Shui' guide
  • 75 minute bespoke 1-1 coaching session based on a Feng Shui area of your choice 
  • 2 week post-implementation email support

£180 for Introduction to Feng Shui (Mini-package)


Introduction to Self-Healing (Mini-package) - £150 until October 1st 2018, thereafter £200

You have a long-term chronic pain, injury or condition which you just can't seem to shift.  

Maybe you've always struggled with one part of life that you'd LOVE to change but that you've almost given up on. 

You have a recurring pattern in your relationships or work that you just can't seem to break.

This mini-package is designed to support you in learning how to heal yourself. Your chronic pain, condition or issue has been irking you - however long it's been around - I say, if you're willing to get well, let's break the pattern! So many people just 'live with it' but you're not one of those people. 

I use a combination of intuitive coaching and principles from the teaching of Louise Hay to create awareness around patterns of behaviour or thought that may be causing physical, emotional or mental pain. Our work will uncover what's been happening and open up the conversation about what you can do to begin to heal yourself, where to go next and what needs to be change.  

This is NOT a replacement for any medical advice or treatment you're already receiving, it is designed to support and complement your existing treatment or support. Longer term coaching options are available should you wish to continue our work together after completing the introductory mini-package. 

What's included:

  • Pre-session questionnaire and review
  • 'You can heal your life' by Louise Hay (paperback book)
  • 60 minute bespoke 1-1 coaching session 
  • Tailored practices specific to your condition or issue
  • Bonus - complimentary follow up call (15 minutes)

£150 for Introduction to Self-healing (Mini-package)