Professional Priestess

You're a spiritual woman with a gift to share but it needs 'professionalising'.

You're confident in the gift you have but you lack confidence in using it other than with an 'ad hoc' approach. 

You would love to earn money (or more money!) using your gift, but you're afraid it won't work out like you want it to.

You're strong, curious, committed and dedicated. 

You're ready to make it happen NOW.

Well guess what?

I created something just for you!

I'm delighted to introduce:

Professional Priestess


Let's talk about the word 'priestess'. We probably use the word 'priest' quite easily but 'priestess'....we're maybe a little unsure about. 

If you're a spiritual woman and you feel called to share the gift you have with the world, perhaps you're ready to embody the role of 'priestess'. 

I chose to use the word 'priestess' to denote a woman with a spiritual gift. Some people or certain communities use the word 'priestess' to mean a woman who has been ordained or is takes the female role of a priest. She has gone through a process of appointment or selection for her role. 

I'm not ordained, nor do I believe in the necessity of going through a process created by someone else to decide to use one's spiritual gifts in this way. Instead, we choose ourselves to do this work - to use our gifts for the good of others. 

So what IS a 'professional priestess'?

A priestess isn't a title, it's a way of being. It's a dedication to your own Self to live as fully as you dare, bringing the same professionalism, commitment to excellence and best practice like any other 'professional' work. The difference is - yours has the spiritual element. 

I created Professional Priestess to help normal women like you professionalise their spiritual gifts so they can be fully supported by them. 

And perhaps you've worked in a corporate or professional environment before - so you know you can be THAT woman too, but really, you know this gift calls for something different.

These gifts calls for a softer, more feminine approach to business combined with the solid masculine systems and structures that you can rely on.

Gentle power without compromising on standards. Excellence and efficiency with feminine flow and ease. 

We have to cut through a lot of cultural and societal norms in creating ourselves this space, because women combining their spiritual gifts with professional standards isn't something that we are at all familiar with.

It's pretty new and, maybe even pioneering.

We are the early wave of priestesses; to demonstrate how it's done, so we can make it easier for our daughters, our nieces, our friends and our successor spiritual women who want to do the same. 

This isn't a 'steps to success' programme. It's a foundation, to help you launch yourself as a business (if that's what you want), explore, try out and try on a different way of being so you can start supporting yourself financially from your gift. It's the exploration of our way of being, together with practical tools: undoing of old ways and outdated belief systems and practices so we can usher in our new normal. 

So what do you need to be a professional priestess?

1) To reclaim your priestess power

You're struggling to be priestess because you don't know how to own and embody your power. We've been taught how to be female versions of men, not women - and so no one is responding in the way we want to and we're stuck in our own self-doubt. It takes some undoing to choose a different structure for ourselves and claim our spiritual authority as our own. We are women, priestesses and our power is in our ability to own who we are and what we can do. 

2) To embrace the creative cycle

We are creators and creatives and our nature is cyclical. And we live linear focused world. As women, mamas and creatives, we DON'T work in a straight line, even though it feels as though our work 'should' revolve around that pattern. Knowing and understanding the creative process and cyclical ways of working means we can work WITH our natural ways of being and showing up in the world rather than fight against it. 

3) To open up to magic and miracles

We need the miracle at the crunch point - when we've no food in the fridge or we've run out of clients, or our children are screaming for our attention. Stepping into flow and shifting back with ease sounds lovely but what does it mean? Magic is there for us and miracles exist, but we have to remember HOW to lean into that so we can get back into flow. 

4) To get comfortable receiving cash for our gifts

Being a professional priestess means we get to use our gifts to pay our bills! Money and spirituality can bring up all sorts of issues for us professional priestesses, so we can make it simple and easy and start getting comfortable by getting paid. 

5)  To personalise our systems

Your life, family situation, community, way of being and way you show up in the world are all unique and the most effective commercial practice is designing a system that works for YOU. You as priestess get to do things YOUR WAY, and relax into systems that feel good, supportive and reliable - and that work for you and your clients. 

6) To deepen our practice 

In order to keep living, we need to keep growing and developing our gifts, our practice and our businesses. Where we stagnate, we feel it - with our clients. We'll look at CPD for priestesses, what's needed for us to grow and thrive and build our practice and our prosperity. 

All these aims form the basis of the course. In this beta round, you'll receive additional support for your study and exclusive access to other participants to help stay accountable for your work and connect in sisterhood and community. 

So is this for you?

Here's what I'm looking for from participants on this course:

- spiritual women who have identified or are identifying their spiritual gift (s)
- a desire to lean fully into their gifts and spiritual practice - and who want to offer them on a commercial basis
- a commitment to trying on new ways of being
- an openness and willingness to go deeper with themselves
- willingness to show up and be in community with others on a similar path with a non-judgemental approach
- commitment to completing all actions and exercises in order to best place themselves for success

What will you walk away from this course with?

- A deep understanding and awareness of your power as a priestess, a woman, a leader and whatever other roles you take on (daughter, mother etc)
- How to use that power to set up your life for better flow, communication, relationship and wellbeing and in business/self-employment
- Practical tools for setting yourself up to commercialise your gifts
- Insight and awareness of your own creative process and understanding of creative and business cycles

There are limited places in this collective of Professional Priestess and I'd love for you to join us for the beta round. 

Here's how it works:

Work at your own speed.

Starting September 2018, the course will be delivered as a modular self-study programme. We'll have a group orientation call by way of introduction and I'll set you some pre-work to get you started before the core content is released. 

There will be 6 modules for you to study, 1 released every 2 weeks to ensure you have plenty of time to engage with the material. We'll finish up in mid December (and will have a little celebration call for completion). 

Group support.

To support you in your study, this also includes 3 calls with me in a small group setting (no more than 5 per group). Each group call is unique - you can bring whatever you need support around for the calls and be heard and seen and supported by an intimate group of committed women, who are all stepping into their own professional priestess energy and mastery. 

Access to me at a discounted rate.

You'll also receive a complimentary 30 minute 1:1 session with me as a bonus (worth £100) and the opportunity to have access to me at a discounted rate through the duration of the course. 

Questions? Book an appointment with me to see if it's a good fit for you. 


Not able to pay the full amount upfront?