You need a programme that’s right for you - that speaks to your specific situation. You may need to really get clear - on where you’re going, what you’re doing and how to focus. I recommend you starting with my ‘Essence’ programme - bringing out the YOU inside you. If you know you need support that goes deeper beneath the surface, I suggest we dive into Wild Womb or Wild Warrior. And if you’re ready to blaze into your next level and step into radical ways of being and discover your true radiance, I recommend Radiant Goddess.

And if you’re not sure, let’s talk, get to know each other and see what might fit best. Here’s the link to book a complimentary phone call with me.



The first step to creating any sort of change in your life is to get clear on what you want. Like, what you really fucking want. Deep desires. Real joy. Delicious living. Many women (and men) find it challenging to actually figure that out because they don’t have the time and space to or they’ve been told their whole lives that they can’t (and shouldn’t) have that. In this programme we’ll put aside all the ‘This might work’ or the ‘that would be okay’s’ and get to what really turns you on. We’ll be diving into what makes you YOU, shaping the picture of the life you really desire to live, your ‘style’ and the activities that really fulfil you. We’re diving for your ‘essence’ - the unique blueprint that brings you alive.


Wild Womb (women only)

We’ve lost connection with the seat of our creative power: our womb. Whether through loss, trauma, societal, cultural or religious belief, it can be the biggest block to connecting with our feminine power and creative energy. And that keeps us stuck, small, lost and disconnected. This programme is about reconnecting with the ‘other’ brain we have: our intuitive selves and our deepest desires. We’ll work on releasing the stuck or buried emotions that hold us back. We’ll look at the limiting beliefs and ideas that are preventing you from stepping up to your greatness and restricting your power. We’ll lean into what our womb is saying and we’ll let her speak. Be prepared to go deep and be wild!


Wild Warrior

Somewhere along the line, we neglected our warrior energy. We became small and frightened and maybe disillusioned. This can go back years, from events that had us believing we were unworthy of being who we are. Warrior energy doesn’t mean we want world domination (necessarily!) We want to be present and make a difference in the way we love in OUR world. Uncovering hidden beliefs and busting through challenges with confidence is what we will look at in Wild Warrior. You’ll learn the tools to access your inner power and turn every challenge into possibility. We’ll tap into what’s wrong or misaligned in our bodies and we’ll start releasing what’s no longer needed. Then we’ll go deep into WHY and how and where and who that we want to show up for and we’ll set that flame alight. This is a call to that fierce vibrant energy and it’s ready for wielding!


Radiant Goddess (Women only)

When we don’t tap into our innate feminine way of being, we miss out on SO much. Pleasure, sensuality, full self-expression. Ease in business, a new enjoyment of life and connection to family, friends and even strangers. Radiance. Goddessing. These are all ways of being that are whispered only for those ‘in the know’, but we stand for them being available to every single woman. When you’re ready to really shine in the world, doing so authentically is a radical step. We’re not just confronting a limiting belief here, it’s the whole way society thinks. This programme is about radical leadership beginning within you. It’s a call to action for what’s needed in the world. It’s a deep knowing of your womanhood and the magic you bring. It’s the opportunity to manifest the change you are determined to see. It’s joining hands with sisters and it’s holding space for true greatness.

Sensitive, radiant women change the world. They know they’re ready. Let’s get started.