The Holy F*ck: Relating to your man to re-ignite the sexual spark

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The Holy F*ck: Relating to your man to re-ignite the sexual spark


Goddess-in-Training presents:

The HOLY F*CK: Relating to your man to re-ignite the sexual spark

Monday 11th Feb
8-9:30pm GMT (3-4:30pmET/12-1:30pm PT)

Living our Goddess path is the most bold and courageous journey we can take. What is frustrating is that we can’t do the work for those closest to us - and particularly, our men. So how do we relate to them to support them, encourage them and see the best in them for their own journey of discovery?

Of course, we sense that the ‘answer’ is ‘Be more Goddessy’ but what does that actually look like in the middle of an impasse or a fight? How do we talk to them in a way so they actually respond in the way that we want them to? How can we get them to understand what we need and want? What can we do when they go all non-communicative or don’t seem interested?

Why don’t they just understand us??

This 90 minute workshop will introduce strategies, tools, tips and mindset shifts to support you in working with your man and his ways of being to help you relate more easily, more deeply and enhance your awareness and intimacy.

We’ll talk through:

  • What he needs from you to feel proud to be your man

  • Why he’s scared of intimacy and how to break down the barriers.

  • What to do when he retreats into his ‘man cave’ or stops communicating

  • Your priorities for the relationship and what you need to do to keep things flowing

  • Ways to communicate to open into deeper intimacy and connection

  • How to re-ignite the sexual spark and getting together to get it on…

As well as understanding the mindset of men, we’ll also be looking at practical tools and strategies in real life situations for shifting into a better relationship when it feels awkward or off.

Whether you’re in a committed relationship or just want to start relating to men better, this is for high-achieving women who are committed to their own path of growth.

Taught through a mixture of teaching, Q&A and journalling prompts (for practice in the workshop and to take away), this will be a small intimate group so there will be time to ask your own specific questions.

Introductory online workshop cost: £25

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