Bespoke personal and professional coaching for daring leaders


A sacred space for leaders to be vulnerable.

You're here to do your job, live your purpose, change the world.

You need a special type of support, because you do something no one else does.

You're ready for the next level and you're clear how you're going to make it happen. 

High achieving men and women need support to create, develop and strengthen their life-changing work; this is my work. Typically my clients value excellence, sustainability and authenticity and are guided by their own spirituality. I specifically support women in feminine empowerment and leadership.

Our work together will:

  • Develop and detail your vision, clarify your direction and focus  
  • Uncover and explore the next level of growth for your life and work shifting into possibility, knowing how to step around the obstacles to get back to action and success
  • Align your values, vision and actions so your mind, body and spirit is working to the same goal
  • Develop strategies and practices to support you so you can create the schedule that best works for your body, wellbeing, style and working methods. 

With a powerful coaching style, I create and hold a sacred space for you. Together we will explore your deepest desires, uncover what's holding you back and create practical plans to achieve the results you want.

Our work together is bespoke, tailored to your needs and requirements. An example structure for us to work with might be:

  • Creating space for transformation: Discovering the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual obstacles to your growth and success.
  • Redrawing your boundaries: Defining your 'new normal' and designing the container, language and structure that will best support you.
  • Allowing your full expression: Unfolding the aspects which are still in resistance, identifying areas of opening for fuller receiving.
  • Standing in your power: Inviting in the new and owning your strength and impact.
  • Receiving your good: Enjoying, savouring and expressing your new level of expansion, beauty and discovery.

If you'd value a connection with me, to explore the possibility of working together with no obligation, I invite you to book your complimentary call using the link below. 

Consultation call (complimentary)

You need support in connecting with what your soul is saying about what's in front of you and what's next. You're finding it challenging to breakthrough the noise to get clear so you can move forward on the next level for your career, purpose or legacy work. You feel at odds with yourself and know it's affecting your relationships and your work. 

In this call, we'll chat about what you want to create and whether we're a good fit to work together, and for how long. This is a no obligation call. 

I specialise in creating clarity and confidence in feminine power, relationship to self, spirituality, wealth, relationships and universal laws including the Law of Attraction. 

Bespoke personal and professional coaching for daring leaders