Leading from within

Private coaching

I coach high-achieving, visionary leaders who desire to move deeper into their spirituality and expand their life-long work.

With a powerful yet gentle coaching style, I create and hold a sacred space for you to explore your deepest desires and be heard in your pain.

Our work together is bespoke, we are led by your vision and heart agenda. I often work with clients around the following areas: feminine power, relationship to self, spirituality, relationship with men and universal laws including the Law of Attraction. 

I also offer specific coaching experiences combining individualised coaching and consulting on principles from the work of Louise Hay (in particular around chronic pain) and introduction to Feng Shui.

Please see below for the coaching packages I offer or contact me if you'd like to discuss a tailored package. 

6 and 10 weeks coaching.png

3 month coaching package (by phone or Skype)

You desire dedicated 1-1 support for exploring your spiritual nature, deepen the relationship with yourself and re-align your priorities with your soul's calling. 

I work with visionary leaders who want to explore and embrace their spirituality to serve deeper and more positively in their work.

Our work together will:

  • Develop and detail your vision, clarify your direction and focus  
  • Uncover and explore the next level of growth for your life and work shifting into possibility, knowing how to step around the obstacles to get back to action and success.
  • Align your values, vision and actions so your mind, body and spirit is working to the same goal.
  • Develop strategies and practices to support you so you can create the schedule that best works for your body, wellbeing, style and working methods. 

VIP intensive (in person) 

Go deeper

Sometimes, rather than a series of sessions over several weeks or months, you know that you need a different type of support to review where you are and what needs to shift for you to be able to change. This beautiful intensive will facilitate the space for you to step up to your next level - in life and in business. 


Perhaps you're longing for time away from your daily routine to truly focus on YOU and what you're doing - right now and for the future. Taking place over a day and a half, taking the time out to breathe, explore, relax and create in a beautiful, inspiring, luxurious location can magnify the possibilities and accelerate the transformation process. 


A comprehensive in-depth exploration and container for you to get focused, get inspired and ready to take on the world again. We'll craft a bespoke outline for our time together that allows us to shift what's really getting in your way and bring you back to your heart's calling again so you are clear, confident and ready to receive your success. 

Click below to discover VIP intensives are available in the following locations during 2017: Exeter, Devon, Venice, Italy and Florence, Italy. Other locations may be available, please get in touch if you have an alternative location in mind. 



Coaching with Feng Shui (mini-package)

Feng Shui is the ancient Eastern art of placement. We can utilise feng shui principles to identify and transform specific areas in your life where we're facing a block or we can't see a way through, or to enhance and optimise your space to best support you in your life and work. 

Using the principles of feng shui, combined with my powerful and gentle coaching, we will look at what changes you can implement in your home as well as the inner work within yourself so you can move forward with confidence. We'll work with what you have in the space you're currently in, so no need for complete redecoration or a house move! You'll feel energised, confident and motivated so you can start taking action straight away. 

What's included:

  • Pre-session house or apartment review and questionnaire 
  • 'Introduction to Feng Shui' guide
  • 60 minute bespoke 1-1 coaching session for 1 key area
  • 2 week post-implementation email support

What you'll receive:

  • Bespoke personal coaching around your key area so you can see what's holding you back 
  • Personalised feng shui remedies for you to put into practice after our session
  • Key strategies for using your space to optimise your home for your life and work
  • Confidence in working with your space to support you in a way that feels good for you
  • Tips and suggestions for instant and easy fixes to create a more uplifting environment

Not sure? Please email claire [at] clairemeredith.co.uk for a complimentary 15 minute consultation.