Transformational Speaking

You can be more. Whoever you dream of being. Your power is unlimited. You have everything you need.

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YOU know this.

Your group is full of potential, yet you long to urge them into their Greatness. You wish you could communicate all that they are. 

You provide them with the space, the community, the connection with others but what they need is soul-stirring, heart-quickening inspiration. With a little hilarity.

You need a 'someone' to bring them together, remind them of who they are and what we can do - together - when we have our hearts touched. When we look around and see we already have all that we need. 

My vision is to see Britain changed because our women and men see their own potential and realise they already have all they need to make it happen. To see them use their power for good to create exciting change in their cities, their neighbourhoods and their families. So they can live as they really want to: with their own peace, using their creativity and skills and enjoying the abundance that comes from  powerful, purposeful living. 

Through my speaking, I share what's needed to learn to trust ourselves and to have the joy and abundance we all want. And no, that doesn't mean quit your job or leave the country like I did (although you might want to do that as well!)

Sharing from personal experience and 7 years of personal growth, self-development as well as my own coaching practice, I speak to move, inspire and transform.

My message is self-love: how to love all that you are and WHY. To share that, through loving ourselves, we can be all that we long to be: giving our gifts to enhance, discover and create joy. 

My talks are always positive, to uplift, motivate and to shift mindsets and scatter limiting beliefs. I believe in the power of every single individual, and their capacity to succeed, to achieve, to love and to BE. I believe in you; your energy in wanting to give, to live freely and communicate peace.

Above all I speak to encourage you in who you are and to reassure you, you are all you need.

Hear me in conversation with leadership and empowerment coach, Natalie Taggart, on her podcast Women Making Magic!

Listen to me speak from the comfort of your own home...

Speaking at Southwark Arts Forum annual conference 

Speaking at Southwark Arts Forum annual conference 


Is Claire the next speaker for your group?

Claire has previously given talks for Quit the Rat Race, Exeter, Zamora, The University of East London as part of KindredHQ, The University of Westminster, Creatives Hub Live and Southwark Arts Forum Annual Conference.

She would be delighted to have an informal chat to discuss a potential talk for your group or at your event. Please get in touch through her contact page.

“You are a very natural speaker - confident, succinct, coming across as very positive and full of energy (I made some ‘notes-to-self’!) so it was really enjoyable listening to you.”

— Rachel Goldberg, My Special PA