VIP intensive day

Choose from 3 stunning locations for your 'soul listening' experience. We’ll enjoy beautiful surrounding and be inspired by the culture and setting of my favourite spots whilst getting clarity, focus and direction on your most beautiful life and work. 

We’ll put on our killer heels and sip bubbly or stroll ancient cobbled streets. We'll focus in on what you truly desire, what feels good and aligned and map out the strategy to get there.


  • Reconnect with your deepest soulful self - the REAL you 
  • Review (or gain clarity) your innermost desire for your most beautiful life and most passionate legacy work
  • Reveal the steps you need to take to adjust your life from where you are now to where you want to be

Our timetable:

We will plan our VIP day timetable to reflect your priorities and desired areas of focus, leaving space for what comes up in the moment.

What we can look at:

  • Visioning
  • Relationship with Self
  • Being vs Doing
  • Universal Laws
  • Law of Attraction
  • Feminine Leadership
  • Masculine and Feminine energies
  • Wealth Consciousness

My coaching combines ontological practices with principles from a number of spiritual teachers and philosophies. I often use the work and teaching of Louise Hay, Mike Dooley and Eckhart Tolle and use principles from Feng shui and Ayurveda to inform my coaching. Rather than subscribe to a particular faith or religion, I believe spirituality is the reflection of our own relationship with ourself and welcome all perspectives. My aim is always to support you in your own path to find your answers. 

Investment: On application


The Exonian Experience

Join me in the serene city of Exeter, Devon.

Based in a setting of laid-back luxury, we'll create space to explore, define and design your deepest desire. We'll identify what's holding you back and what's underneath the fear, procrastination or distraction. 

We’ll walk by the historic Quayside, be inspired by the gentle pace of life and sit in the shadow of the Norman cathedral whilst uncovering what's next for you, developing a plan and focusing and clarifying how you'll step up to your next level.  

We'll carve structure for your future and take afternoon tea. We'll dig deep and practice new ways of being. We'll have time to be still and take in the experience of connecting deeply with ourselves. 


The Venetian Experience

Join me in Venezia (Venice), for magic and inspiration to explore the delights of this unique location and let this Italian city entice and enthrall you. 

We'll wander the narrow streets, getting lost in the crowds or seeking out quieter avenues, marvelling at Italian craftsmanship in the designer boutiques or the ornate decoration which adorns the cool, stone interiors of le chiese (the churches). We'll sit on the side of the canal, taking in the architecture and the atmosphere, slip into a nearby osteria or seek out a deliciously hot slice of pizza. 

We'll explore what you need to show up at your best, uncover what's stopping you and what will move you forward. We'll probe the subjects YOU want to focus on, perhaps feminine power, the Law of Attraction or limiting beliefs and create structures and space for your answers to come through for a powerful experience. 


The Florentine Experience

Join me in Firenze (Florence) for a day of inspiration and adventure in this iconic city. Let the history of this delightful locale and the smell of a rich blend of delicious coffee inspire your dream and lend us its rich culture as we get clear on your dream together. 

We’ll tuck into some delicious Italian food, sample the artisan gelato and wander the cobbled streets, take in the magnificence of the Duomo and enjoy the beautiful views across the River Arno. Perhaps you'd like to take in some of the historic art at the Uffizi gallery or enjoy the cool peace of the Florentine churches. 

We'll wander and talk and sip espresso on ancient stones. We'll shape, define and structure your next steps. We'll sample culinary delights and inhale the aroma of this beautiful city so you're ready to step up your game and reach the next level of success.