Freedom. Adventure. Authenticity. Humour. Loyalty. 

All in a deliciously sustainable process.

It's time to go WITHIN.

High achieving British women have don't have a strong track record of asking for help. Instead, they carry on regardless. 

As an intuitive woman, following the systems and structures of previous generations (of men no less!) isn't going to work.  

You have to go within. 

Within, you have all the answers, and deep down you know this. Perhaps you've tried following the 'normal way' and you've found it doesn't work. Or at least, it doesn't work for you. 

You need a safe, strong space to be all of you, and with someone who is going to welcome the quiver in your voice, so you can hear what the truth inside is saying and create the life and work that you're longing for. 

We are radiant when we can give without compromising ourselves. It comes from the freedom to choose, the pursuit and voicing (in whatever form) of our creative passions and earning our worth. 

Yet we shy away from playing our biggest game or living our fullest expression in life, because we’re afraid.

Who we decide to be, what we decide to do and the decisions we make, all contribute to the joy and happiness factor of every day. LOVING it all is ‘becoming’ a new, more fully expressed, more radiant version of ourselves. 

I work with high-achieving men and women: corporate professionals and business owners to help them realign to their purpose, revive their glowing light and spirit and once again, do what they do best, with so much love. 

My mission is to bring out your radiance, the special essence within you that maybe you’ve not seen for a long time, so you feel you have the confidence to go for, achieve and enjoy WHATEVER you want from your life. 

If you identify with the statements below, I invite you to meet me in my sacred space.   

You're ready to break patterns that have been keeping you stuck or small or conventional.

You value excellence, sustainability and authenticity.

You're ready to make this your best year and you're ready.


What we do:

  • We dance and play with the detail. What you need is clarity of what is right for YOU, whilst ruffling through all the options.   
  • We see what's in your space (literally and figuratively) that's not helping you and may be contributing to the
  • We see what's 'off' in your practices for aligned mind, body and spirit so all of you is working in the same direction
  • We explore what it means to be a woman - for YOU and how that informs your life and work. 
It’s said that the answers are inside of us, but if this is true, why do so many of us stay put in uncomfortable places, struggling with life’s woes and feeling hopeless and helpless? I believe it’s because the answers are buried so deeply inside of us and it’s too hard, too dark, too painful to search for the answers ourselves. Enter Claire...she’s able to guide us, gently and in a goddess like way, to find the answers. The ones that are so deeply buried inside! She can tactfully and intuitively ask the right questions and dig much deeper than we ever could ourselves. Thank you Claire for asking me the questions I wouldn’t dare ask myself and helping me uproot the things which have kept me stuck for so long.
— Kathy, UK


  • Creating space for transformation: Discovering the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual obstacles to your growth and success.
  • Redrawing your boundaries: Defining your 'new normal' and designing the container, language and structure that will best support you.
  • Allowing your full expression: Unfolding the aspects which are still in resistance, identifying areas of opening for fuller receiving.
  • Standing in your power: Inviting in the new and owning your strength and impact.
  • Receiving your good: Enjoying, savouring and expressing your new level of expansion, beauty and discovery. 

Anything sound familiar?

  • You're thought of as 'successful' but you don't feel 100% aligned with yourself
  • You know you're able to face challenges and achieve, yet you want to explore a new direction or depth
  • You know that there is more YOU to come out before you are truly on purpose
  • You'd love to bring in more of your feminine energy to your life and work
  • You're frustrated or puzzled as to where to move forward next
  • You're ready to commit to getting out of where you are
Claire has boundless optimism for us all to reach our true potentials, and sees beyond the typical fears and worries that can present a barrier between us reaching our goals. Claire helped me to challenge my own self doubts and consider a future to which I previously felt unworthy. By encouraging me to dig deeply into my own beliefs and desires, she helped me to see that reaching my goals is possible if I know exactly what I want and can see myself there.

Since meeting with Claire, I went from undercharging for my services as a Self-Employed Therapist, to taking on the business I worked in! This was in the space of just a few months. I highly recommend Claire as a fearless catalyst in challenging your outlook on life, and ultimately gaining the life that you honestly dream of. I am very grateful for her boldness to challenge my previous beliefs that were holding me back, and to envision a new life for myself more akin to my goals and aspirations. I am already on the path towards having my own business and succeeding with thanks to Claire’s method and advice.
— Emily, Exeter

If you have answered YES, to the above, then let’s talk about how I can help. 

The support you need to transform.

I can help you uncover what that looks like, nudge you with the parts you're forgetting about, able to explore what's holding you back, help develop the strategies you need to best support yourself and remind you of your brilliance, passions and desires. My support is dedicated and focused to you and your own path, desires and needs. 

Why work with me?

  • I'm practical and gentle. I create space for you to just be yourself. 
  • I'll challenge you. I'm not going to let you get away with being less than fully you. In ANY area.
  • I'm objective. I know myself how important it is to have someone who is outside of your family and friends, and 'pro-you' to hear your thoughts, maybe even before their fully formed. There's space for you to be. 
  • I'm not married, nor do I have any children. I know what that 'OMG I'm alone' thing feels like. 
  • I've done the work myself. Over the last 5 years I've changed jobs (and careers and industries) multiple times. I went freelance and started a business and I also moved to a country where I couldn't yet speak the language. Oh and I've made changes to my diet as well, my food choices at the moment are heavily reduced dairy and gluten and no caffeine. 

Working with me combines the opening up of possibility and ideas with intense accountability, the uncovering of blocks and fears, and exploration and movement through challenges for direct action to see results, all in a safe, gentle space for BEING. 

Claire Meredith has an ability to delve inside your mind in a completely unassuming and comfortable way that enables you to understand more of who you are.

The proof of the quality of her coaching and her passion to see you become the person you want to be is in the results.

Through Claire’s coaching, I now have setup Creatives Hub, a community for creatives to inspire, encourage and motivate one another. I have set up a podcast, delivered a talk to University students and have a long term plans to develop Creatives Hub further including workshops, creative brainstorming sessions and more.

I can’t thank Claire enough for the confidence she has enabled me to find and the way in which she makes me see the tasks that I might be fearful about in a positive way. Claire is an exceptional coach, and one whom I can’t recommend highly enough.
— Richard Lalchan - London

What you'll get from working with me.

  1. Support. If there's one thing I've learned about this journey, it's that no one does it alone. Everyone has support. I'm here to help you, support you, encourage you, and cheer you on. 
  2. So much clarity. I will push you on those whims so they aren't just ideas. Because once you have clarity, the next step is often very obvious.
  3. Confidence. Working with me will open you up for growth, because that's what happens when we commit to our dreams. It's about who you will become. And you have it inside of you already. I help you see that. 
  4. Forward motion. You'll progress. You'll take steps. You'll change. Things will happen. 

What's possible for you? 

If I didn't write 'anything' here, I'd not be serving you. You are powerful, wonderful being and you have a dream inside of you. Therefore, let's expect amazing things!


NOW is the time to start actually doing something about the dreams you’ve had for so long.
Your power is always in the present moment.

Set up a complimentary consultation with me. Let's talk about this. 

I am so glad I started coaching with Claire, my mind is much clearer and happier for it, highly recommended!

Claire really helped me to widen my horizons and see the ‘bigger picture’ in life. Over several sessions she used a range of coaching tools to shift my mindset and vision my ideal future. Her approach was calm, patient and methodical and she was always available in between sessions if I needed any support or had any questions.

An ‘aha’ moment came for me when I realised I was procrastinating over doing something I loved. I’d actually started buying stuff but it sat there on top of my wardrobe for ages.

During one of our sessions, Claire gently suggested a reason for my indecision and lack of action. She helped give me another perspective and I realised what had been holding me back. I could just do it - there wasn’t anything to lose!

Over the next few months, I completed a big practical project that had been dormant. I also started recording videos again, resurrecting my YouTube channel and there have been comments and views, all of which is an encouragement.

I’ve also begun to put a timeline to our potential move out of London and begin to develop the daily habits which I have in my big overall picture. This helped prioritise another idea we had, to go on a round the world trip…which should be happening next year!

***** 5 Stars !
— Charlie, London