I highly recommend Claire for clarification on life goals, purpose and making the key steps towards knowing and achieving what your ideal life looks like. Claire’s professional, yet down to earth, guidance helped me towards visioning and taking the practical steps to positively accelerate my business. Claire’s approach is both professional, practical and fun - making my experience an enjoyable and enlightening one, that will always be welcome at stages of change in my life! Coaching is a worthwhile investment into your life and wellbeing, where the pay offs can be both immeasurable and life changing
— Emily, Exeter. www.bowenandwellbeing.com
It’s said that the answers are inside of us, but if this is true, why do so many of us stay put in uncomfortable places, struggling with life’s woes and feeling hopeless and helpless? I believe it’s because the answers are buried so deeply inside of us and it’s too hard, too dark, too painful to search for the answers ourselves. Enter Claire...she’s able to guide us, gently and in a goddess like way, to find the answers. The ones that are so deeply buried inside! She can tactfully and intuitively ask the right questions and dig much deeper than we ever could ourselves. Thank you Claire for asking me the questions I wouldn’t dare ask myself and helping me uproot the things which have kept me stuck for so long.
— Kathy, UK
Claire Meredith is an absolutely magnificent coach. As someone who was going through quite transition period after quitting my job and committing to starting my own business, Claire helped me truly embrace my own path. She helped me realize how much I was allowing a comparison to other people get in the way of confronting fears, desires, and being my true authentic self.

Whereby having me focus on embracing my inner confidence and courage, I was able to fully acknowledge and embrace MY story. She also challenged me to question what comparing myself to others was giving me, which is when I realized it was actually costing me. Claire pushes the envelope by asking questions in a most authentic, sincere yet powerful way.

If you are someone who is searching for your own path and constantly allows your fears to get in the way of you accomplishing your goals, I highly recommend you reach out to Claire! She will have you feeling inspired, ignited, and back to your true being in no time at all. You will not regret hiring her as your coach!
— Ali Boone, US
Claire gave me the focus and clarity I needed to see that I was wasting my time in a role (career even) that didn’t meet any of my needs in terms of creative input, influence, culture & aspirations. Thanks to both Claire’s brilliant coaching skills and her incredible personal example, I am now in a job I love, working with people that inspire me and working on projects that I would do for fun. If you need some help to make your own journey, give Claire a call.
— Neil Hopwood, UK
I am so glad I started coaching with Claire, my mind is much clearer and happier for it, highly recommended! Claire really helped me to widen my horizons and see the ‘bigger picture’ in life. Over the sessions she used a range of coaching tools to shift my mindset and vision my ideal future. Her approach was calm, patient and methodical and she was always available in between sessions if I needed any support or had any questions.

An ‘aha’ moment came for me when I realised I was procrastinating over doing something I loved. I’d actually started buying stuff but it sat there on top of my wardrobe for ages.

During one of our sessions, Claire gently suggested a reason for my indecision and lack of action. She helped give me another perspective and I realised what had been holding me back. I could just do it - there wasn’t anything to lose!

Over the next few months, I completed a big practical project that had been dormant. I also started recording videos again, resurrecting my YouTube channel and there have been comments and views, all of which is an encouragement.

I’ve also begun to put a timeline to our potential move out of London and begin to develop the daily habits which I have in my big overall picture. This helped prioritise another idea we had, to go on a round the world trip…which should be happening next year!

***** 5 Stars !
— Charlie Stamp, UK
Before I kept talking myself out of things saying they weren’t realistic, they were self indulgent ie a waste of time. Things have changed now - specifically about transformation the fog/load I had before and I felt lighter and brighter. I was motivated/inspired to dream big and by putting those thoughts onto paper my creativity and energy was given a reboot!

Even with working long hours currently I am able to bounce back more quickly and focus on what I need to do on my day off - happily and energetically - yippee.

I liked your confident, straightforward and honest manner....once you explained a little bit more in detail I thought this could be the catalyst I need to get out of my funk.

I would absolutely recommend your services - to all and anyone who gives me the slightest indication that they are stuck in a rut. I will happily pass along my strongest recommendations of your professional, caring and heartfelt capabilities. A massive thank you for your truly generous, caring and capable nature. May all those in need have the good fortune to connect with you.
— Caroline, Italy
When I approached Claire I was at crucial point in my career: I had to choose between different options, in different countries and at the same time manage the expectations of my family and friends.

I was very stressed and could not focus on which decision was the best one for myself. In addition, I was on a very tight deadline to take this decision.

Claire was kind enough to schedule a session me with just a couple of days notice. Talking with her greatly helped me to gain clarity and to transform the daunting task of taking this difficult decision into something much more manageable. She has a gentle, practical and very positive approach, and she truly cares about contributing to improve the life of her clients. Her coaching went above and beyond all my expectations and I cannot recommend her more highly.
— Carlo, Italy
Claire Meredith has an ability to delve inside your mind in a completely unassuming and comfortable way that enables you to understand more of who you are. Her continuously positive outlook is contagious and you can’t help but be more confident about yourself after having coaching sessions with her. The proof of the quality of her coaching and her passion to see you become the person you want to be is in the results.

Claire helped my get over my fears and start something I had been thinking about for over a decade. Through three initial coaching sessions (and plenty of emails beforehand to get her the info she needed) she helped me sift through a whole host of disparate ideas to make a cohesive whole. She challenged me to question what I really wanted and not what I thought I wanted or what I thought other people wanted from me.

Everything was up for grabs. I didn’t just have to settle with what I had been doing but could think big and dream. She then helped me, via processes like ‘backwards flow charts’ to break down these dreams and ideas into smaller more manageable chunks.

Through Claire’s coaching, I now have setup Creatives Hub, a community for creatives to inspire, encourage and motivate one another. I have set up a podcast, delivered a talk to University students and have a long term plans to develop Creatives Hub further including workshops, creative brainstorming sessions and more.

I can’t thank Claire enough for the confidence she has enabled me to find and the way in which she makes me see the tasks that I might be fearful about in a positive way.

Claire is an exceptional coach, and one whom I can’t recommend highly enough.
— Richard, UK
I was feeling a little bit restricted in my options of arranging my home and not sure if I would be able to utilize feng shui much in my space so I was excited to get on the phone with Claire and find out what options I had.

Not only did Claire take the time to examine and explore every room with me over video chat like she was right there in my house with me, but she was able to quickly hone in on easy little shifts I could do to manifest the specific things I was most focused on.

After our call, I realized that most of my wealth corners had a drain, so I quickly put a plug in them all and counteracted the drain with a bit of citrine next to each one. In the days following our call and this simple adjustment in my home, I attracted 3 new clients and they were all ideal to my business and work. Thanks, Claire! I already have a Saturday penciled off to do some more shifting around the house and I’m excited to see what it creates.
— Kelly Curtis, http://www.kellyacurtis.com/