5 transformational truths (Are you doing something worth committing to?)

I started this journey, thinking it was just about finding a job that I loved.

I quit the graduate training scheme I was on (having sat the exams and leaving my job before even finding out the results) because I had decided that following my dreams and trying to make myself happy was more important than what the company needed (and because I spent tea breaks crying in the toilets).

It wasn’t just about a job. It was about rediscovering my creative bones, bringing back my energy and enthusiasm and digging into my soul to find my passions, purpose and something I thought was worth committing to. 

In this process I’ve learned truths that transformed me and the journey I was on. That helped me believe in myself, connect with my deepest desires and take the steps towards what I wanted. Here’s 5 of those truths. 

You can do whatever you want

When you’re thinking of making a big change - career, moving abroad, leaving a relationship, there can be the temptation of the word ‘should’ to pop up and create anxiety within you. But the truth is you have as much right as anyone else to live your life happily and fulfilled. Yes, decisions have consequences, yes maybe you'll upset someone, but you don’t have to feel guilty. When you step out with intention to honour your wildest dreams, you will find that alignment with your soul creates a delicious life flow.

Your body is your best friend

Your body knows what you want. Not what your parents, boss, colleagues or siblings think is appropriate, correct, useful or 'a safe bet'. When your body and mind appear to be in opposition, work it through carefully. When your body feels expansive it’s a good sign. When you’re constricted or pain shows up, paying attention pays dividends. 

The Universe is friendly

Attributed to Einstein, this quote helped me untangle the negative connotations I had with the word ‘God’. It doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges in life, but the more you look for it, the more you see that overwhelmingly life is in your favour. Life supports and love you - even if you can’t see it right now. Oprah Winfrey speaks about a time of pain in her life where her mentor, Maya Angelou, told her to stop crying and start saying 'Thank you', because there will be a blessing coming, even if it seems as though nothing is going right. Now I can look back and see circumstances that caused me so much pain was actually one of my biggest blessings. Even in the middle of confusion, there will be a rainbow, although it does mean you have to keep looking. 

Your deepest wounds create the capacity for limitless compassion

If you’ve been through some tough circumstances, you know horrible, raw, intense and agony of that pain. These deep wounds give you compassion. If you have a gift you want to share with the world, your experience can be your credibility to help others. If you feel as though you ‘care too much’ or you’re 'too sensitive', don’t fear. These gifts are what the world needs. The world is hurting, your gifts are its balm. 

Your most important muscle is ‘No'

‘No’ creates space in your schedule, reduces your stress and removes the drama. It is the single most important skill I’ve ever learnt. I used to say ‘Yes’ when I meant ‘No’ and when I started watching myself do it, and the knock-on effect it’s caused, I saw it’s power. I’ve said ‘No’ with a shaky voice, with endless checking of my phone for replies, with a slightly aggressive tone, without eye contact, with eye contact, and I’m always surprised about the downhill slide of relief that it creates. Ease comes with practice. Start small.