Who is looking after your dream?

There is a horrible, inevitable ‘feeling’ you have when you keep grinding away at a job that you hate.

A ‘Will I ever get out of this?’ feeling. Of course, there is a possibility of redundancy. But if we ‘wait’ for something to change, we then realise…it’s only ourselves that is stopping us from moving forward. 

We can effect the change ourselves. (Yep, I get that it’s scary).

When I was feeling so stuck in my corporate job, I stopped looking after myself AND my dream.

I’m ashamed to say now that you could tell.

I stopped taking care of myself physically.

I kind of ‘made do’ with my hair and, although I used to wear make up, I didn’t bother about it after the first application first thing in the morning.

I couldn’t remember the last time I’d bought new clothes, unless there were visible holes. Even my counsellor at the time noticed my scruffy shoes. 

I believe now that this happened because I was ignoring what my heart was whispering.

I wanted to leave and try something different. Something I was afraid of being disapproved of for.  But I kept pushing that thought away, because I was too fearful of facing up to what I desired. What I really wanted. 

I complained about the hours, the demands of my job and the way I was feeling. I suppose because I wanted someone to tell me that I could do something different.

I was on career change number 3. Even I was beginning to wonder when I was going to ‘settle down’.

I was waiting for someone to say I should go for my crazy-secret-massive dream (despite the fact that no one actually knew about it).

Even if it failed. 

It wasn’t until I let myself see a delicious enough dream - it was WORTH it to try. Worth it to step out of my comfort zone and take the risk. 

I realised I was the one who had to care for and nurture this dream of mine because no one else could do that for me

And if I wasn't caring for and nourishing my dream, I (sub-consciously) couldn’t see why I should care for and nourish myself.

In fact, not only was my dream worth it, but that I was worth it, that I was valuable enough to myself to live that wonderful life I imagined. 

Who is caring and nourishing for your dream? Have you stopped looking after yourself because you don’t think you’re worthy of it?

How can you change that today?