From 'brutto' to 'beautiful'

I'm back to Italy this week!
It's the route that's become familiar to me now - BA flight then train to Vicenza, where I lived last year. I have pizza with my housemate planned, then a trip to see the girls at the spa and beauty salon I go to in town, probably a little shopping trip with one of my friends and at least a couple of mornings sipping coffee in the main piazza or people watching with a gelato. 

It’s a mini-holiday and it’s also an opportunity for me to draw on the rich inspiration that the country of la dolce vita gives me.

I'm excited!

This year has been transformative for me, deciding to come back to England for a while and committing to new projects and plans in my life and business. 

My life used to feel ‘brutto’ (that’s Italian for ‘ugly’).

And now it feels beautiful.

I get to help clients take action on their dreams, get clear on what they want and how they’re going to get there. I support them through their sticky moments of not knowing which way to turn and hold space for them to forgive themselves for being less than perfect. 

I get to craft and shape words and phrases that help people and I stand in front of people and share about my life, their purpose and our futures. 

If your life feels brutto right now, I’d love to invite you to take a few minutes and ask yourself what a beautiful life looks like for you. 

You see, once we’re clear, we often realise that the way forward is obvious. 

So ask yourself this....

How do you see yourself living when it’s exciting, free and fun?

Could you draw me a picture of the life adventure you're longing for? 

What does 'a beautiful life' mean to you? 

Last night I spoke to a couple of women who admitted their life needed some reenergising.

They could identify what they DIDN'T want! And they knew what was not right, but getting clarity on what they actually wanted was stopping them move forward. 

Getting clear on what you want will allow you to see the path to action and make the change you need to create the most beautiful version of your life. 

Here’s a little exercise for you whenever you’re feeling stumped over what you want:

Step 1) Draw a line down the middle of a piece of paper. On the left hand side, make a list of everything that’s wrong, that’s not working and that you DON’T want. 

Step 2) On the right hand side of the paper, next every single item you DON’T want, write the opposite item. If you’ve written ‘noise’ write ‘quiet’, if you’ve written ‘commuting’ write ‘working from home’, or whatever feels beautiful for you.

If you need help and you're serious about making this happen, I'd like to invite you to take the next step and get supported on your journey in creating your beautiful life. 

Book a complimentary consultation with me. 

To you and your beautiful life!