Trust. Or not.

Trust. Or not.

Image my own. 

The Law of Attraction is a law, like gravity, which allows us to attract (co-create) the experiences we want in our lives. 'Co-create’ - as in with Life/the Universe and ourselves. 

Basically, if you want to create a new set of circumstances in your life (for example that are WAY better, more fun, loving, happy and joyful - anyone?), you can use the Law of Attraction to put this into play. 

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Searching yourself

You want to say something rude. You've given your all, you know you are sacrificing health and time with your family but someone has to come along, just rock up and throw in their five pence. Just stop for a second and think. I heard once that anger is almost always anger at yourself, for overreacting to something, for allowing yourself to lose control in a situation, for your own inaction. Now, when it happens to me, I can usually trace it back. Now, I can identify what it is. It makes it so much easier to get over it.

Taking responsibility for that which you can change, and having the courage to search yourself and find those things that are causing this explosion in you is the best way to freedom in your own mind. Yes, circumstances happen. No, it's not everyone else's fault.

There's always the @theventservice to take out the anger on if you're not ready for that yet.